Cannabis: Complexly Simple Medicine


Cannabis is plant medicine. And like other plant medicines it interacts with us humans in a most individual way.

Think of it this way. You have many friends and family members in your life and your relationship and interaction with each person is similar, but subject to the small (and big) nuances that makes each relationship unique.

Plant medicine also has similar, but unique interactions with each person. There are many factors that contribute to this including genetics, gender, age, and life experiences.

Each individual person will have a similar but unique reaction to the same strain and dosage.

We know that a component of cannabis, THC, will create a psychoactive (high) experience for the majority of people.

Some people enjoy that experience while others find it a little (or a lot) uncomfortable.

Some people become high with the tiniest amount of THC, while others can take in large amounts of THC with barely a hint of a high.

When it comes to cannabis use there are many factors to consider when trying to find the best combination for your situation.

  • Factors about the user: Age, THC Experience (tolerance), Purpose of use (goal), Health History, and Current meds (pharma)

  • Factors about the cannabis medicine: Strain Category (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD), Cannabinoid Profile (THC, CBD, and others), Ratio THC/CBD, and Terpene Profile

  • Factors about the intake: Intake method (Inhalation, Ingestion, Sublingual, Suppository, Topical Absorption), Dosage, Frequency of dosing

That’s a lot of possible combinations of factors!

The good news is there are so many choices it is likely there is a cannabis strain out there that will become your new best plant friend. The challenge is to find that perfect combination for your particular situation.

As one doctor put it … its like shopping for that perfect pair of shoes that fits just right and helps you feel comfortable all day long! You may have to try on a lot of shoes to find the one that fits best,  but the end result will be worth it.

Education is the key!

The more you understand about cannabis medicine, the better equipped you are to hone in on that perfect cannabis product for your situation.