Cannabis: Medicinal or Recreational?

No other plant has created such an uproar or confusion as the humble cannabis plant.

Is it medicine?

Is it recreational?

Is it both?

Let’s use food as an analogy to help us understand cannabis’ role in society.

We eat wholesome food to receive nutrition so our body can keep healthy and functioning normally. Some would even go so far as to say your food is your medicine because healthy food can both prevent and heal disease processes.

But we also have our recreational food … flavourful crunchy chips, delectably creamy and sweet ice cream, candy and snacks, soda pop, etc.

These foods do not contribute to our health. They are not eaten because they will prevent and heal disease.

Nope … we eat recreational food because it's fun. It makes us feel good. It is an integral part of our socializing and relaxation time.

Cannabis also has a dual role.

Cannabis, like nutritious food, is medicine. We can no longer dispute that fact. Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001, and since that time, tens of thousands of people have used it to treat and manage symptoms related to disease, stop the process of disease, and wean off (or avoid) pharmaceutical medications.

Cannabis is also used recreationally because it’s relaxing, it makes us feel good and it is an integral part of our socializing and relaxation time.

Relaxing substances are an important part of our socializing and unwinding after a stressful workday. Think about how ubiquitous beer, wine and alcohol are at any social situation. How many people end their day with a glass of wine? These relaxing substances don’t really contribute to our physical health. We don’t take relaxing substances to prevent and heal disease.

However relaxing substances do contribute to our emotional health … an area where modern pharmaceutical medicine falls a little short.

So the next time someone asks you if cannabis is medicinal or recreational … you can tell them “Yes! It is both!”