Introducing Cannabis the Plant









Whatever name you know it as, Cannabis is just a humble little plant  … right?

* wink *

There must be something to this most versatile plant ‘cause us humans have had a close relationship to cannabis since … well likely since the beginning.

Think cannabis is just that stuff those darn hippies smoked at Woodstock?

Ok they did do that …. but let’s not blame the hippies … people have been using cannabis at social events for millennia. Not much different than how we serve wine at social events today to help people relax and maybe let loose a little.

Did you know that cannabis is our oldest cultivated crop? Yup! Cannabis fields were tended by farmers some 200 years before we began cultivating wheat!

Cannabis seeds (today’s hemp seeds) were an important source of nutrition providing several types of omega fats (the good kind of fat). That fat was also used as lamp fuel and to help primitive tools and machinery run smoothly.

The tall, strong fibers made:

  • rope and sails … all the best and worst sailing ships had them

  • clothing and textiles  … as good as, if not better than linen fabric made from flax

  • paper … way more economical than paper made from trees * save the trees! * Actually hemp paper replaced clay tablets, papyrus and silk as the ‘paper of choice’ in the ancient world * sorry clay tablet makers … guess your profession became obsolete *

Then there is cannabis medicine! Did you know that Cannabis was so much a part of everyday life that ancient medical books about cannabis medicine were written on cannabis paper?

Pain. Stomach ailments. Sleep disorders. Eye troubles. Disease of all kinds. In fact all the health issues today’s doctors are ‘discovering’ that cannabis can help with are the same health issues that our ancient doctors treated with cannabis.

Hmmmm … maybe those ancient doctors were onto something …

As this ‘humble’ plant was spread throughout the world we also see documented use of cannabis medicine also spread throughout the world. Coincidence? * Just because no one had invented rocket science back then doesn’t mean our ancestors weren’t smart! *

Up until the early 1920s … yes less than 100 years ago … cannabis was an integral part of ‘modern’ medicine. Big phara companies that are still around today all made cannabis medicine for various health conditions as late as the 1920s.

So what happened?

How did this incredibly useful plant become so vilified? So misunderstood? So blamed for society’s woes?

Well the answer isn’t pretty. But we’re here to learn right?

Cannabis prohibition was based on politics and racism rather than on legitimate health reasons. Somehow during the political frenzy of the time cannabis got caught up in the very legitimate prohibition of other, actually dangerous, substances.

But you know how that chapter ends and how this new chapter is beginning … because you are interested in cannabis!

Everyone knows that the truth can get buried for a time, but truth will always find its way back to the people!

And Cannabis has found its way back to us!

Just think of how many of today’s problems could be solved by inviting Cannabis to once again proudly accompany us on this wild and wonderful human journey?