CBD for Sleep?


Nothing can improve your day more than a good night's sleep.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining a lot of attention to manage pain, reduce inflammation, calm anxiety and clear brain fog. For people who can't sleep due to feelings of anxiousness and stress, CBD may be the answer.

For many people CBD calms the nervous system and creates a feeling of alertness, actually interfering with sleep. But for others, that calming of the nervous system is exactly what they need in order to fall into a blissful and much needed sleep.

A recent study published in The Permanent Journal followed 103 adults for several months, documenting their feelings of anxiety compared with their quality of sleep.

Within the first month 79% of the participants experienced decreased anxiety that remained for the duration of the study.

In that same first month 66% of the participants felt their sleep had improved, however those results fluctuated over the duration of the study.

It is well known that anxiety can interfere with sleep, so getting anxiety under control will often lead to better quality sleep. However for many people taking CBD within a few hours of bedtime will create an alert state, impairing their ability to fall asleep.

If you find that CBD calms your anxiety but interferes with your sleep, take your CBD product during the day, and avoid taking CBD within 4 - 6 hours of bedtime.

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