Are there any cautions to be aware of when taking CBD oil?

  • CBD oil is an exceedingly safe and effective medication
  • Note the amount of THC in the CBD oil product you are using. An amount of THC less than 2mg/ml will rarely cause issues, however THC sensitive individuals need to be cautious with CBD oil that has more than 2 mg/ml THC
  • When starting out, or using an unfamiliar product, start with small amounts (0.5ml) every 8 hours.

Will CBD oil treat my health issue?

  • CBD oil works like a vitamin supplement, slowly creating positive changes in the body over time.
  • Allow CBD at least 6 weeks to 3 months or longer to make changes in the body. (Remember it likely took several years for a disease process to create damage in your body, so we have to allow time for the body to heal.) It does not work quickly in the same way a narcotic, or other medications work.
  • The effectiveness of CBD oil is determined by the amount you are taking. Some people require smaller amounts to treat their health issue (25 – 75 mg CBD daily) whereas other people require very large amounts of CBD daily (200 mg or more daily).

How much do I take?

  • CBD oils come in different potencies and it is important to understand how much you are taking.
  • The amount you take of any product is determined by how much your doctor recommends and the potency of your chosen product
  • Many people find relief using just 25mg of CBD 2-3 times daily, while others require 100mg or more of CBD 2-3 times daily.

My CBD oil gives me a stomachache.

  • For the majority of people, CBD oil can be taken either with food or on an empty stomach with no side effects. However for the few people who do experience stomach upset there are several things you can do to avoid the discomfort.
  • Always take your CBD oil with a meal. This will ensure that it gets metabolized quickly with the rest of your food.
  • When taking your CBD oil allow it to sit in your mouth for 20 – 30 seconds or longer, giving the oil time to mix with your saliva and begin the digestive process prior to it reaching your stomach.
  • Take smaller amounts of the CBD oil in more frequent doses.
  • Try changing brands. Different brands use different carrying oil such as sunflower, MCT, coconut oil, etc. Your body may like one carrier oil better than another.
  • Some manufacturers leave terpenes (essential oils) in their CBD products. Others remove them. And still others remove the terpenes during manufacturing then add them back into the finished product. Rarely a person may find that CBD oils with terpenes upset their stomach. Try a CBD product that has had the terpenes removed.

Will I experience impairment from CBD oil (aka getting stoned)?

  • CBD oil does not cause impairment.
  • Occasionally a user may experience impairment from their CBD oil directly attributable to two factors: the amount of THC in the product and how sensitive the person is to THC.
  • It is important that you note the amount of THC in your product before you use it. CBD oil with less than 2mg/ml of THC will not cause impairment unless the user is very sensitive to THC.
  • Note that if you are taking several doses daily of a CBD oil that contains more than 2mg/ml of THC, the THC may build up in the body faster than it gets cleared out, leaving sensitive people vulnerable to experience light impairment after their 2nd or 3rd dose of the day. If this happens choose a product with very low THC, preferably under 0.5mg/ml

How do I store CBD oil?

  • CBD oil should be kept at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Don’t keep your oil in the fridge as it can become too thick at colder temperatures.
  • Keep CBD oil and all cannabis products out of reach of children.

Do I need to take CBD oil with food?

  • CBD oil must be digested before it takes effect. T
  • To ensure your cannabis oil is properly digested take it just before or during a meal, or take it with a snack, preferably food that has a fatty component to it. Cannabis oils digest best when taken with a fatty food.
  • Examples of healthy fatty foods include peanut butter, nut and seed butters, avocados, coconut oil, yogurt, cheese, salad dressing, fatty fish, nuts, olives, whole eggs, etc.

How long does it take for CBD oil to take effect?

  • CBD oil products take 30 – 90 minutes to be fully digested … longer for people with poor or compromised digestion, or if not taken with a fatty food.

How long will each dose of CBD last in my body?

  • Once digested CBD oil will be effective in the body for 4 – 8 hours