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The cannabis industry in Canada, and world wide, is growing fast. It’s almost impossible for businesses to keep up with changing regulations, safety concerns, workplace policies, and even how to effectively use cannabis for medical purposes.

Athletes use cannabis to overcome performance anxiety and reduce inflammation due to injuries. How can these athletes utilize medical cannabis without compromising their performance or breaking doping rules?

The oil and gas industry has long held a zero-tolerance policy on cannabis use. Is it ethical to make an employee choose between an effective medication and their job? How do employers maintain safe work environments in a legal cannabis world?

Opioid addiction has been acknowledged by physicians as a ‘prescribing problem’. While early evidence suggests that cannabis can help break addiction, patients are often left to figure it out on their own. How can drug treatment centres incorporate medical cannabis into their treatment program?

Thousands of people daily ask their physicians and friends if cannabis could help with their medical condition. How can physicians, nurses and other health care professionals authorize cannabis for medical purposes when Canadian medical regulatory bodies are reluctant to approve medical cannabis education?

CannU Educational Services has put together a unique team of individuals to help your company navigate the uncharted territory of both medical and recreational cannabis use.

Our online courses are the platform, but the real power comes in how we help companies in all industries understand and navigate the use of cannabis. We help companies understand that cannabis does not fit into the alcohol, tobacco, nor opioid, or even advil, categories.

The landscape has changed. Let us help you create an effective, safe, and cannabis positive workplace.

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