What does LP stand for?

How much cannabis can I purchase at a time?

  • Medical cannabis users can purchase 30 times their daily prescription up to 150g every 30 days. For example if your prescription is for 2g/day you can purchase 60g every 30 days.
  • Non-medical users can purchase no more than 30g in a single purchase. Amount may vary by province. Check local regulations.

How do I store cannabis oil?

  • Your cannabis oil can be stored at room temperature in its original container.
  • Remember to keep all cannabis products out of reach of children.

How do I get a cannabis prescription?

  • Medical doctors, and nurse practitioners in some provinces, can write a prescription for cannabis. Seek out a doctor who has trained in cannabis medicine.

Why are there so many different strains? How do I know which ones will work for me?

  • Cannabis growers produce strains with specific traits through selective breeding, making the number of different strains available almost unlimited.
  • Strain choice should be based on what you want to achieve with cannabis use. It can take a bit of trial and error to find the right strain for you, but there are several guidelines that can make the process easier. We strongly recommend that you take the Discovering Cannabis course to help you understand how to make the best choices with your cannabis purchase and use.

Which LP has edibles?

  • Currently edible cannabis is available as an edible oil, capsules, spray and activated (decarbed) powder. Several LPs currently offer edible cannabis products and more are available all the time.
  • You can use LP oil and powder to make your own gummies, cookies, brownies, etc, but currently these products are not legal for sale.

Why do I need a prescription when I can purchase cannabis at a store?

Where can I smoke cannabis?

  • That depends on where you live. Your municipality makes the rules on where cannabis can and cannot be used. Check with your local city or county. And be sure to check with your landlord as well.
  • Be aware of who is around you when you are smoking cannabis as second hand cannabis smoke can affect babies, children and others that are in the same room.

Can I travel to the United States if I have a cannabis prescription?

How soon will I feel the effects of CBD?

  • CBD does not cause impairment the way that THC does. You will begin to feel relief from symptoms after a few days to a few weeks on the right dosage of CBD.

How is using a vaporizer different from taking an oil?

  • A vaporizer delivers cannabis into the body through the lungs and will begin to take effect in 3 – 5 mins and will last 2 – 4 hours. Oil products delivers cannabis into the body through digestion. Effects will be felt in 30 – 90 minutes and last 6 – 12 hours.

What's the difference between oils and capsules?

  • Cannabis capsules are usually made from cannabis oil and provide a more convenient method of consumption.

How do I know if the cannabis I purchased is safe?

Can I grow my own cannabis?

  • Health Canada does have a provision that allows you to grow your own cannabis, however provincial and municipal laws, as well as landlords may restrict growing in certain areas or buildings.

How many LP's are there?

Can I vape the oils?

  • No. Cannabis oils are designed to be ingested. Burning ingestible cannabis oils will ruin the oil and your vaporizer.

How much cannabis can I transport?

  • Medical cannabis users can transport 30 times their daily prescription up to 150g. For example if your prescription is for 2g/day you can transport 60g.
  • Non-medical users can transport no more than 30g. Amount may vary by province. Check local regulations.

Can I take my cannabis on an airplane?

Why can't I buy shatter and other concentrates?

  • Currently shatter and other cannabis concentrates are not legal for sale in Canada.

Can I change my LP?

  • Yes. You are never legally obligated to stay with the same LP that you originally signed up with.