How to Roll a Joint


A “joint” is a cannabis cigarette. It is a traditional way to get cannabis into the body through inhalation.

The creation of a cannabis cigarette is an action referred to as “rolling a joint” where ground or crumbled cannabis is placed on a special ‘rolling paper’ and then rolled into a cigarette-like stick.

Advantages of joints:

While it is healthier to inhale cannabis using a vaporizer (see How To Use a Vaporizer) there are times when a joint is a good option.

  • Joints can be pre-rolled so they are readily available for use. Just light and puff!

  • Pre-rolled joints are easy and discreet to carry with you.

  • Joints are a great way to share cannabis in a social setting.

  • Joints can be made big and fat or tight and skinny depending on how much you require per dosing session or how many friends you are sharing with.

  • If you require a good amount of cannabis medicine at each medicating session, a joint is a great choice.

  • The act of rolling a joint can be a therapeutic meditative exercise that helps you relax.

Disadvantages of joints:

  • In order to smoke a joint you have to light it on fire. This means that along with the constituents in cannabis you will also be inhaling a multitude of carcinogens and other toxins … along with your cannabis you are basically inhaling air pollution.

  • Joints have to be rolled, which requires practice and a bit of patience.

  • Once a joint is lit you are fairly committed to smoking the whole thing. You can put it out and relight it, however that is not ideal.

  • The cannabis will continually burn off into the air in between your inhalations, wasting much of the cannabis to the atmosphere.

  • Joints require larger amounts of cannabis for the same effects as compared to using a vaporizer.

  • Cannabis must be ground or cumbled prior to rolling a joint. You can break up the cannabis flowers by hand, however best results are achieved with a specialized cannabis grinder.

Preparing to roll a joint:

Here is a list of things you need before you can roll your first joint.

  • Dried cannabis flower/bud

  • Grinder

  • Rolling paper: Rolling paper is thin and flexible, with a moisture-activated non-toxic glue on one of the long edges that can be licked and adhered to the rolled joint to hold it together.    >> See “How to Choose Rolling Paper”

  • Optional small piece of cardboard or pre-cut cardboard to use as a ‘filter’. A joint filter simply gives structure to the non-burning end of the joint … it does not actually filter the smoke before you inhale. A joint filter help you avoid burning your fingers and lips.

  • Piece of plain paper or tray to catch the excess. When starting out be sure to to use a clean piece of paper or tray to catch spills and excess.  Once you are proficient at rolling your joints you may not need a tray or you may want a specialized rolling tray that looks nice and keeps all your items in one place.

Once you have assembled the required items, your first step is to grind or crumble your cannabis. If your cannabis has not been properly ground or crumbled the joint will be prone to falling apart during use and it won’t burn evenly. This can be a frustrating experience.

  • It is possible to grind or crumble the cannabis by hand, however that process takes much longer, results in inconsistent-sized pieces and leaves you with sticky fingers.

  • For best results invest in a specialized grinder or purchase your cannabis pre-ground, aka ‘crumbled’ or ‘prepared’.

  • For more information on grinders see “How To Grind Your Cannabis”

Once your cannabis is the proper consistency, you can get started on rolling your joint.

Remember that rolling a joint takes practice to get it right!  If the joint is too loose it won’t burn properly. If the joint is too tight it may be hard to fully inhale the burning cannabis.  

The good news is if you make a mistake or don’t like the way your joint turns out you can simply pull it apart and try again without wasting any cannabis!

Joint Rolling Techniques

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