How much do I take?

  • THC oil comes in different potencies and it is important to understand how much you are taking. The amount you take of any product is determined by several factors: how much your doctor recommends, your THC tolerance, the potency of your chosen product, and possible interaction with other medications
  • It is best to take only the amount of THC required to relieve symptoms as studies suggest that more THC is not necessarily better. [Reference: Marijuana consumption and tolerance to physiological and subjective effects:]
  • Smaller doses of THC can trigger the body to step up its production of endocannabinoids so that over time less THC is required for the same results.
  • However larger doses of THC can trick the body into thinking it doesn’t need to create its own endocannabinoids because there is already lots in the system and over time you will require more and more THC to achieve the same results.
  • Some health conditions do require large amounts of THC which can produce uncomfortable side effects. To mitigate uncomfortable side effects from high doses of THC, take an equivalent dosage of CBD oil with each THC dose, and start with lower doses, slowly increasing over several days or weeks, allowing time for the body to build tolerance.

Are there any cautions to be aware of when taking THC oil?

  • THC can cause impairment, drowsiness and other uncomfortable side-effects
  • Be cautious when starting out, or using an unfamiliar product, start with small amounts (2mg or just a few drops) every 8 hours.
  • Never take more than 1 dose of THC oil every 4 hours
  • Ensure that THC oil used for sleep is properly digested prior to bed (otherwise you can risk activating the THC when you eat breakfast in the morning … causing drowsiness throughout the day)
  • In some individuals THC oil can cause headaches, dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, and other symptoms of dehydration. Be sure you are well hydrated when using THC oil. Electrolyte drinks can help alleviate these symptoms.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 8 hours after taking THC oil

How do I store THC oil?

  • THC oil should be kept at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Don’t keep your oil in the fridge as it can become too thick at colder temperatures.
  • Keep THC oil and all cannabis products out of reach of children.

Do I need to take THC oil with food?

  • THC oil must be digested before it takes full effect in the body.
  • To ensure your cannabis oil is properly digested take it just before or during a meal, or take it with a snack, preferably food that has a fatty component to it.
  • Cannabis oils digests best when taken with a fatty food.
  • Examples of healthy fatty foods include peanut butter, nut and seed butters, avocados, coconut oil, yogurt, cheese, salad dressing, fatty fish, nuts, olives, whole eggs, etc.

How long will each dose of THC last in my body?

  • Once digested THC oil will be effective in the body for 4 – 8, and in some cases up to 12 hours.

Will THC oil treat my health issue?

  • The effectiveness of your THC oil is determined by: the dosage and potency of the product, your THC tolerance, as well as other factors such as genetics and digestive health
  • Some people require only drop doses (1 - 5 mg THC) and other people require much larger doses of THC (10 - 25mg or more)
  • If taking THC oil to treat a specific health issue, remember it can produce powerful effects within an hour as well as working like a supplement … treating acute symptoms and over time slowly creating changes in the body

My THC oil gives me a stomachache

  • Always take your THC oil with a meal. This will ensure that it gets metabolized quickly with the rest of your food.
  • When taking your THC oil allow it to sit in your mouth for 20 – 30 seconds or longer, giving the oil time to mix with your saliva and begin the digestive process prior to it reaching your stomach.
  • Take smaller amounts of the THC oil in more frequent doses.
  • Try changing brands. Different brands use different carrying oil such as sunflower, MCT, coconut oil, etc. Your body may like one carrier oil better than another.
  • Some manufacturers leave terpenes (essential oils) in their THC products. Others remove them. And still others remove the terpenes during manufacturing then add them back into the finished product. Rarely a person may find that THC oils with terpenes upset their stomach. Try a THC oil product that has had the terpenes removed.

My THC oil gives me a headache.

  • For sensitive individuals THC oil may cause headaches, dizziness, dry eyes and dry mouth, and other symptoms of dehydration
  • Be sure you are well hydrated when using THC oil
  • Electrolyte drinks may alleviate these side-effects

Will I experience psychoactivity from THC oil (aka getting stoned)?

  • THC can produce impairment, especially in THC sensitive users
  • It is important that you note the amount of THC in your product before you use it.
  • THC oil with less than 2mg/ml rarely creates impairment
  • Note that if you are taking several doses of THC oil throughout the day, the amount of THC may build up in the body faster than it gets cleared out, leaving sensitive people vulnerable to experiencing symptoms of mild impairment later in the day